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Senior Pastor M Paul John Sung

Rev Dr JOHN SUNG M PAUL, | M.A., M.Div., M.Th., D.D

Rev Dr M P John Sung was born and brought up in a Good Christian family and accceptd Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior at the age of sixteen on 1985 Jan 15th and Baptized. Rev John Sung has been in the ministry for the last 13 years and has won many souls, through church ministry. Bethlehem Church in Visakhapatnam, in India it was started by his father Late M Sudarshanam in the year 1993. From then on, both the father and the son carried the Gospel in this fast growing city with a passion and burning desire to save the lost. Rev Dr John Sung recognized that God called him to ignite the world to shine the light of His Love, salvation, repentance and deliverance into the people's lives so that they can be free to enjoy their God-given inheritance.

Rev Dr John Sung was commissioned by the work among the unreached people with a burden to reach them for Christ by implementing Gospel Revival Meetings and Social Development Programs. By His Grace the Lord has been transforming many darken lives spiritually. John Sung have done his Post Graduation Master in Arts (M A), Master of Divinity (M Div) and even Master in Theology (M Th) ACTS Bangalore India. Married to his wife Beulah in 1997 and blessed with two daughters Angeline & Caroline.

The growth of the ministry was incredible with the church foraying into tribal ministry, village ministry, youth ministry and spreading gospel to the unreached areas. This apart, the church also cared for the poor and needy by helping out the widows, orphans, old age people and the downtrodden in the city slums. They are also into taking care of their educational needs. The main church now has twelve branches in interior villages, supporting pastors independently to carry out the Gospel work.

Rev Dr John Sung had a vision of Prayer Ministry apart from his Church Ministry. He started Bharath Revival Prayer Movement (BRPM) in the year 2004 with the association of local Leaders. They had visited many places in India Reviving Pastor and Leaders in different places. Our aim is "if a Pastor revives the Church revives, if the church revives the society changes" now a day's many Pastors and Leaders had lost the Glory of God from their first Love in their local Churches. In 2008 he also started Visakha All Night Prayer (VAN Prayer) where to gather for Prayer on every third Tuesday from 9pm - 4am in our Church with more than 40 Church Prayer Warriors. Praying for the Cities, Nations, International, Youth and Women .All night Prayer and Fasting meeting are being organized for different fellowships and ministries, guiding and praying with them to strengthen in their prayer lives.

God has given him a special ministry to give effective biblical training and guidance to those who are called to serve the Lord. Building Churches who has been trained by him to encourage by the Word of God to work towards an effective Ministry for the Lord in rural areas. Desire to start BIBLE COLLEGE.

Ministry among Women is being done through, Women Prayer Conference and Retreats. Helping them to know the Biblical Principles through Bible Study with relevant teaching from woman's point of perspective and emphasizing them on the Primary role of Women in building their families.

Youth Ministry is being done by giving them clear Biblical guidance, in different aspects of their personal life. Encouraging and strengthening them to deepen their Walk with God. As a Ministry, we are committed to rise up the next generation of young people.

As God leads you and puts burden in your Heart to ignite and transforms many lives from darkness to light, you can be part in our Ministry as we have the same vision in our life.

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