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Senior Pastor M Paul John Sung

Vision:| John Sung Ministries

John Sung Ministries is passion to be the Christian organization of choice who aspires to achieve their chosen life goals through a Christ-led and transformation. We profess the supremacy of Jesus Christ as Lord of all. In faith, we submit ourselves to His authority and His Word, and seek His wisdom. We will reflect His character in our daily lives. John Sung Ministries will be a Christ-honoring organization, and we embrace the Core Values below, which inform our identity and drive our vision for the future.

"Ignite the World for Christ in these End days."

Mission:| John Sung Ministries

John Sung Ministries is a Christ-centered learning community committed to developing each and every one in mind, faith and character for a life-time of meaningful work and service in a constantly changing world.

Service:| John Sung Ministries

John Sung Ministries commit to honor God and each other through openness, honesty and ethical conduct in all matters. We commit to honor God by modeling Christ's example of service to all humanity. Our calling as a Christian organization is to be a gateway to world service and a place where the Great Commission is lived out.

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